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Let’s talk about rekeying vs. replacing your door locks and how AAA Mega Locksmiths will help in this case. So read this article thoroughly, and get the best exciting information.

First of all, I want to tell you about locksmiths lock replacing and rekeying services. However, the AAA Mega Locksmiths provides lock rekey services on a scheduled basis and in an emergency. AAA Mega Locksmiths can assist you with replacing an existing lock. Locksmiths offer a comprehensive range of Locksmith services and are committed to helping their customers keep their houses safe and secure.

When homeowners learn that something like rekeying a lock is possible, they always have this curious expression on their faces. To most of them, the word itself conjures up images of enchantment.

If you’ve never heard of the term, that’s perfectly OK; you’re not the only one. Rather than rekeying, most homeowners choose to replace all of their locks. However, this is not to argue that replacing your door locks is terrible, but it isn’t always the best alternative.

Homeowners have the option of rekeying their door locks, which in some cases may be preferable to replacing the whole lock. There is no need for anxiety if you do not know how to select the best solution for your house.

Today, I will attempt to lead you through this question and assist you in finding the proper answer. To achieve this, we’ll go through the pros and cons of rekeying and changing your locks and any other considerations that could affect your choice.

Rekeying vs. Replacing Your Door Locks

What Does Rekeying Locks Mean?

The phrase “rekey” may give insight into the operation of the process. You are essentially trying to reprogram the lock’s internal processes so that it will function with a new key without risking the security of your property. However, this may seem straightforward, but it may be challenging if you are not a professional locksmith with extensive training.

Keep your old lock; the key that previously worked with it is no longer functional. It is essential to grasp this basic notion before delving down the rabbit hole of lock rekeying. Rekeying the lock is less expensive since the current lock body is reused; nevertheless, a few pieces are modified to make the lock work with a different key.

Rekeying a lock requires gaining access to the lock cylinder, which can only be accomplished by removing the lock from the door installed. You may be able to achieve this yourself if you’re familiar with locks, but as I said before, it may be difficult. It would help if you did not jeopardize your safety by avoiding contacting a locksmith when it comes to your locks. If you do this rekeying operation on your own and make an error, you risk risking the security of your own house. As stated earlier, you may attempt to do this independently if you are knowledgeable about locks and their inner workings.

Re Key A Lock

To rekey a lock, you must pay attention to the lock cylinder and its internal key pins, which are critical. Rekeying a door lock requires the adjustment and reorganization of several critical components. The key to the lock cylinder must be used in conjunction with the lock’s cylinder being targeted.

If you do not own the present key, you must pick the lock before beginning the rekeying process. Understanding how pins function inside a simple pin tumbler lock can make the procedure much easier if you choose to take care of it yourself.

A lock’s key pins are supposed to correlate to a specific key. The key will no longer operate in combination with the lock if the key pins are modified or repositioned. You must know which pin sizes correlate to particular key depths to position the key pins correctly. We cannot decipher this information without a depth chart, pinning size chart, and key decoder. Using a key decoder reduces the amount of guesswork a locksmith has to do while selecting key pins.

Advantages of Rekeying Door Locks

1. A greater sense of safety

Rekeying your locks may increase your sense of safety in your house. However, this is because it is a straightforward approach for resetting your key control and eliminating any additional keys that may have controlled your lock. This approach becomes regular practice as soon as a new resident moves in. However, this is done to prevent prior owners or anybody with a copy of the key from accessing a residence the current owner no longer has. It effectively resolves any security issues and offers them a fresh start.

2. Budget-Friendly

The key pins inside the lock cylinder are the primary components that are changed while rekeying the lock. These key pins are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the price of a new lockset. However, this makes rekeying a reasonably affordable alternative for homeowners who wish to increase their security without spending a lot. When you contact a locksmith, the most you’ll have to pay is the labor fee or the amount of time you’ll spend attempting to put it together yourself.

3. Simple And Quick

Rekeying is a fast and easy operation that does not need a lot of labor or equipment (when performed by a skilled locksmith). A key decoder, a catch tool, an adjustable spanner, and the present lock key are all you need to rekey it. It will take longer if you’ve never done it before, but that’s true for everyone who attempts to change their locks without the help of a locksmith.

Disadvantages of Rekeying Door Locks

1. Security Upgrades Are Limited

One drawback of the rekeying procedure is that it only provides a minor security enhancement. Moreover, this isn’t to argue that it doesn’t help, but it doesn’t replace any of your lock’s other security measures. Rekeying locks won’t improve the security of a defective lock you already have. That is why I labeled it as a security update with certain limitations.

What Does "Replace A Lock" Mean?

The name might offer you some insight into the process and how it works. When a lock is replaced, the complete lock body is usually replaced. It’s more expensive than rekeying the lock, but the advantages outweigh the costs. When you replace the door, you will need to buy a new lockset, which accounts for most of the additional expense. As noted earlier, this step is unnecessary when rekeying the lock. You must first choose which lock you want to install

 to replace a lock.

When selecting a new lock to replace your old one, there are several elements to consider. The budget you’re working with and your tastes and desired features in a lock should be considered. You cannot use rekeying, for instance, to change your lock from a Euro Cylinder lock to a mortise lockset. Once you’ve settled on a lock, you can either buy it from your locksmith or pick it up from your local hardware shop. Some apparent positives and negatives are supposed to offer a sense of balance to everything.

Advantages of Lock Replacement

1. Personalization

Installing new locks enables you to customize your home’s security, which many homeowners ignore. When I say customize in this section, I mean that you have control over the appearance and feel of your locks and how they interact with the rest of your home security system. If you like, you may utilize longer screws in your lock. You may even attach additional security pins if desired. Lock replacement gives a new start in terms of security.

2. Upgrade capability

You now can update your locks and, therefore, your home’s security if you replace your locks rather than rekey them. However,  this suggests that you may increase the present security measures in place. For instance, if you had a Grade 2 deadbolt installed on your door, you could not upgrade to a Grade 1 lock by rekeying. On the other hand, you may replace your standard locks with smart locks. Regardless of the circumstance, when you alter your locks, you now have the option and possibility to update.

Disadvantages of Door Locks Replacement

1. Cover the cost of components and labor

Unlike rekeying, the cost of replacing your locks is often substantially greater. However, this is mainly because you will also have to pay for labor and the price of the lockset you choose. The lockset alone costs more than regular key pins. Moreover, this is not a significant disadvantage for homeowners with a huge budget. If you do not want to change your lock, this is a drawback.

What is the best option for your residence?

Even though there is no apparent answer to the problem, I will attempt to describe it. To choose which approach is ideal for your property, you must consider the individual requirements that you may face. Rekeying a lock is sometimes better and more cost-effective than replacing it. The only way to figure out which of these possibilities is to spend the time to figure out what you want and how it will benefit your property.

Trying to figure out what you need for your house might be difficult, but I’d want to assist you and see if I can simplify the process by asking you a few questions. These questions are intended to assist you in making the best choice possible.

Garage Door Locksmith Services Frequently Asked Questions

If you are entirely content with the brand of locks you now have and they are in good working order, you should not change them. If you wish to add a new layer of protection to your house or install a master key system, you should instead consider rekeying them. You can still change your locks if you want, but it will be a waste of money if you are happy with them. Rekeying your locks will be simpler and less expensive in this case.

Don’t feel terrible if you misplaced your keys; it happens to the best of us. However, it would help if you now considered your key has been hacked, implying that your home security has also been compromised. Rekeying your locks is the cheapest alternative if you’ve recently misplaced your keys. Your primary issue is with your keys, and your locks are most likely still functional.

You may either rekey or replace your locks if you wish to improve your security. When it comes to security, you have to limit your attention to guarantee that you are never putting yourself in danger. Rekeying is not the way to go if you want to improve your security by purchasing a higher-grade lock. Instead, spend time studying various lock types and their characteristics to choose the finest lock for your property. On the other hand, rekeying your locks is an excellent way to tighten up any loose ends and maintain your key control in great form.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned argument when it comes to assisting individuals in making decisions. After reading this, if you believe one of these ways is preferable, I encourage you to reread it and reconsider your position. Depending on your problem, each of these approaches is an excellent option. As usual, take the time to understand what you need before going through the elements given above to choose which service is ideal for your property.

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