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AAA Locksmith Service for  commercial business clients – security has various aspects. Locks, guards, and security systems are all effective if used in conjunction with a proper business security policy. The safety of business items, whether these are documents, sensitive information, or buildings, you need a proper plan which will develop coordination among all security apparatus

Building A Clean Desk Policy: Business Security Basic Principles by Commercial Locksmiths

Once you are convinced that a security policy is essential, you must know that a clean desk policy is well known and recommended by security experts and commercial locksmith services providers. Now the question in your mind is: what is the clean desk policy?

A clean desk policy means that the table of employees must be cleaned and all documents must be locked when they leave the office for home. It ensures the security of all important documents, confidential letters, and other records such as USBs.

Modern Commercial Concerns In The Locksmith Industry AAA Performance

It is one of the most effective strategies because the information is the lifeblood of any business. In modern businesses, your competitor can easily beat you if he gets information about your strategy, your clients, and your suppliers. The price of your security breach will be your whole business collapse. 

In this regard, if you hire a security expert, that would be fantastic, but it will be costly at the same time. In other words, you can make the security policy on your own.

Process of Making a Clean Desk Policy to Ensure the Safety of Intellectual Business Assets.

  • Risk Evaluation by a commercial locksmith.
  • Storage choices provided by a commercial locksmith.
  • Items which demand which demands high security.

Risk Evaluation by AAA commercial locksmith

Regardless of whether you are making a new clean desk policy or upgrading the existing clean desk policy, you must be aware of the standing threats that businesses in this modern era are facing. The commercial locksmith’s recommendations in this regard can be helpful for you. Now you have to measure how risky your business is in the light of these threats.

While you are preparing a clean desk policy, it must be in your mind that you are saving your intellectual assets from people having mal intentions. It will help you to tackle the problems with the best possible solutions. In this regard, the locksmith service provider can be helpful.

A clean desk policy ensures the safety of important documents, which ultimately helps to ensure the security of intellectual property and helps in keeping the desk clean and green. The enforcement of policy must be on a daily basis because it provides you effectiveness in this way only.

The following are the points you must ensure while you are formulating your clean desk policy.

  • Point out the most critical threats your company is facing.
  • Determine the situation in which your company is most vulnerable.
  • Reduce your vulnerability to your critical infrastructure so that risk can be reduced.

Storage choices provided by AAA commercial locksmith

The “clean desk policy” is not limited to putting everything away from the table and ensuring the cleanliness of the table. The purpose of the policy can be achieved only by putting the things in locks.

All locks are not secure in this regard. You must have to consult with locksmith service providers because they can give you the options which are best currently. Making it easy for you, we have got some of the best storage options which are recommended by commercial locksmiths.

  • Desk drawers
  • File cabinets
  • Mailboxes
  • Safes
  • Locked Rooms

Store Desk Drawers

Depending on the use of documents, the desk drawers are best for those documents that are still in use. You cannot put these documents in any permanent, secure place, and you need an intermediate location for storage. The lockable drawers can provide enforcement of the clean desk policy and quick access to these documents as well. 

Considering the easy use of these drawers with one key for one employee, the locks must be placed that are master key supportive so that employees will not be bothered with a hoard of keys. You must also ensure the maintenance of these locks and drawers must not be left unlocked while leaving the office.

Office File cabinets

When you are looking for the safety of the document, it must be in your mind that you’re work must not be affected. Putting all documents away from the table and into a safe place can create a problem for you while finding a specific file. File cabinets are the best option in this regard. It ensures the placement of files according to their categorizations.

Keeping in mind the policy will not influence the work, the file cabinets will ensure the safety of the passively interested person who wants access to your intellectual property. In the case of any target attack, the cabinets may not be enough because the files will be in a predictable place. The files can be categorized with special codes instead of their actual names in this regard. 

Commercial File cabinets

Another very good storage choice is mailboxes; you are not supposed to put everything in the mailboxes at the end of the day. The locked mailboxes can be used for the deliveries that you have to make to a specific person on a specific day. High security locks must be used for these mailboxes. However, do not put the mail on the table, which cannot be delivered on that day, so that you can ensure a clean desk policy.

Always ensure that the locks on mailboxes are in good working condition. Always make sure you have a key replacement if you lose the key to any mailbox lock. It must also be on your mind that every letter cannot be put into a mailbox because of its specific size. Always request a professional locksmith service provider if you face any kind of lock problem.

Business Safes

The safes, in one way, provide a high level of security in different shapes and sizes, and at the same time make it very difficult for the user if something happens to the safe lock or you lose the key to the lock. In this case, you will need professional safes services and equipment so that you can do your office work smoothly.

But the question is whether you are ready to bear the problem or how much the safety of the items is important to you. The highly important documents and other information of the company, which must be secured at any cost, will be secured with safety.

Rooms with high security locks

You might be thinking that if the clean desk policy has been implemented, then why do I need rooms with high security locks because everything will be in lock already and if the room will be locked, then why do we need other storage options? The answer to this question is that every aspect must be ensured if you want the security of your intellectual assets.

The secure room with high security locks is one lawyer among the other security lawyers. It is part of security which can add strength to the whole security system. However, ensuring a high security lock on the doors of rooms is not enough; the walls and glass of the room must also be of solid material.

Valuable Items which demand high security

The items which demand high security cannot be defined as standard by a locksmith services provider or any security expert, but it is a purely business owner subject. The clean desk policy can be different, which is subject to the business type. However, the formulation of an effective clean desk policy demands the awareness of the item which we are going to protect through this policy.

The items can be different on the basis of your business type or the industry type. Such as, service industry items must be differentiated from those of the production industry. The product formula may be the item that requires high security. However, the case may differ in the services industry because they only provide services instead of products.

Head Office Settings in the Production Industry

Head office setting must be different from the setting of the production unit setting. The security demanded items may be the printed e-mails, some printed letters, and other soft copies which may be on USBs. The items in the custody of any person are only meant for that person. Every individual in this setting is responsible for defined tasks and is not supposed to share any information with any non-officials.

Often, exposing this office information is extremely dangerous for the business, even life threatening for the entire setup. Negotiations with third parties, partnerships, mergers, and other information or knowledge of research and development can be fatal to a company and give competitors an advantage.

Production unit settings

Settings at the production units are different than the settings of the head office. Because production is subject to round-the-clock activity, the work at the production units is divided into different shifts. 

In this type of setting, the exposer is more and responsibility is not limited to one person because due to round the clock activity, different people are involved. Therefore, while making a clean desk policy, the setting of production units must be in mind so that access to the information must also be ensured, but with no compromise on safety.

Home setting

In the case of remote workers, the clear screen policy takes the place of the clean desk policy. It became similar to the clean desk policy when you are living with some roommates. You cannot rely on anyone. Therefore, leaving any file open on your computer screen will be as dangerous as leaving your documents on your table in your office.

It is not limited to the roommate. Even if you are living in a home, your family member can disclose the information, even with good intention, if they have access to the information, which is not meant to be shared with anyone. Therefore, the clear desk policy can help to prevent any such kind of attempt.

Information leakage is one way to harm the business; lost sensitive information is another, which can be done by your roommate, child, or wife if you leave your system with a temporary work sheet on the screen. Not only is the off-screen option available, but the locked system is also an option which can be designed with the help of locksmith service providers.

Benefits of AAA Commercial Clean Desk Policy By Our Locksmith Services

The following are some prominent benefits of a clean desk policy for businesses:

Clean, go green and end up with cheap. It encourages the use of soft copies instead of focusing on printing unnecessarily.

The most important advantage of this policy is that sensitive information is kept within the company, which would be disastrous if it were leaked.

Customer trust can be achieved. There are various services in which customers share some sensitive information with the company, and their biggest concern would be that their information must be safe.

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